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About Aisling

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Aisling is a Holistic Therapist as

well as a teacher of Yoga and


It is Aisling’s hope and life work to share her knowledge and healing with the world. She trained as a Kinesiologist under TASK Ireland, and BioKinesiology with Elma Murphy and Pippa O’Gorman. In addition, she trained as a Reiki therapist under Maria Rawlins, coming from the Dr. Usui Reiki school. Aisling is currently studying sound therapy and has a deep connection to the way in which we can all be healed.

Her connection to sound

therapy was instant.

It was almost a ‘coming home’ experience as she immersed herself in the sounds whilst working in Toronto, Canada. Aisling is self-taught and is continually fine tuning her skills in not only crystal bowls but also Himalayan bowls, hand pan, gongs and the harp.


She works with clients in her treatment room in Greystones, Ireland and has experienced firsthand the power of sound and vibrational therapy.


Aisling has had the honour of offering her healing experiences for a diverse audience from executives at Hoame Modern Meditation Studio in Toronto Canada, to The Happy Pear team in Greystones Ireland.

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