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Refocus, Refresh and Reset

Set in the natural landscape of County Wicklow Ireland, Aisling teaches you simple meditation techniques that makes daily meditation feel natural and helps you find peace in the new normal.

Benefits of Morning Meditation

Meditation can help enable us manage our home and work lives more skillfully whilst navigating through these day to day changes. Start your meditation journey with Aisling and her free 21 Days of Morning Meditation.


Increase energy levels

Meditation can help enable us manage our home and work lives more skilfully whilst navigating through these day to day changes. Start your meditation journey with Aisling and her free 21 Days of Morning Meditation.


Help relieve anxiety

Experience a greater sense of perspective about your worries and concerns. Morning meditation will set the tone for your entire day and help you to be focused, content, and optimistic. Allowing you to see the glass half full, rather than half empty!


Improve productivity

Boost your productivity and  efficiency throughout your day. One of the central benefits of meditation is that it improves attention and concentration. One recent study found that just a couple of weeks of meditation training helped people’s focus and memory.



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What is 21 Days of Morning Meditation?


Guided Meditation

What you are thinking about when you wake up will set the tone and mindset for the quality of your day. Meditation will empower you to change the way you look at things, allowing you to greet the day with clarity, acceptance and patience.



Learn simple breathing techniques to relax, ground and energise your own body. Increase your oxygen flow, increase your vitality and your life force. Simply allow yourself to breathe.


Positive Affirmations

We reap what we sow and practising positive affirmations are a great example of that! They also work as a great aid when learning to meditate, acting as a distraction from our racing thoughts. Repeat after me - Today is a great day!

How it works

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Treat Yourself to You Time

Dedicate the first 15

minutes in your day to YOU without scrolling through social media, or the news. Create this time and space to experience the benefits of meditation, breathwork and positive affirmations.


Meditate in a Peaceful Space

Aisling recommends doing your guided 15-minute meditation in the comfort of your own bed, or create a sacred morning space for ‘me time’.

Enjoy Extra Gifts!

Sharing with you additional TLC, like a specially curated Spotify playlist to follow your 15-minute guided meditation and other surprises along the way.

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Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room

Sitting with our own thoughts right now can be challenging. Due to the impact of Covid-19 all of our lives have been changed in some way, our schedules have changed and our days now may include quite a bit of stress, fear and frustration.


21 days of morning meditation will share the benefits of practising meditation, breathwork and positive affirmations to help reset your mind every morning reducing the negative effects of Covid19 stress and fear can have on our body.


I know you may feel like you don’t have time to meditate, or your mind is too busy - I hear you! That is why I’ve created this transformational journey specifically for you - making it as easy as possible to begin meditating from the comfort of your bed or sacred morning space. All you have to do is give yourself an extra 15 minutes, allowing this to be the first thing you do in your day.


Create this time and space for yourself and let me do the rest. All you have to do is show up for yourself!

What is 21 Days of Morning Meditation?



It’s time to take control of your own

mindset. Focus 15 minutes of your

day to self-care and self-love,

taking care of yourself during this




Refocus your energy in the morning

to fill your cup up. We can’t take

care of anyone else unless we take

care of ourselves first.



It’s easy to get stuck in the fear of

Covid 19. Let go of the past, don’t

get caught up in worrying about

the future. Reset your mindset to

enjoy the here and now, to

embrace each day and the gifts it




Disconnect to reconnect. Each new day will bring you the opportunity of experiencing and meeting someone new! Who said quarantine was boring?



We reap what we sow. Use this time to focus on yourself, practising the art of self-love and self-care. Lie back and watch yourself blossom.



Learn the art of meditation, breathwork and the power of positive affirmations. Take advantage of this pause to reconnect to your mind, body and soul.

A Community to Rise & Shine

How good does it feel to be surrounded by people who uplift, inspire and energise you? Upon registration you will be sent an invite to join our private Facebook Group to connect with like minded people from around the world. Mornings are better shared, especially during quarantine. Our online community will be a source of inspiration, positivity and good vibes. A group of individuals working towards the same goal, join in the positive energy while enjoying your morning coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting surprises along your journey!

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21DMM Graduate 

The 21-days of mediation helped me during a trying time, it also helped me form a great habit. I’ve been trying for a long time to meditate on a regular basis but it never stuck until now.

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