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Meditation Programs for Your School

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Creating a safe place for students to learn begins with creating a space for them to breathe.

Using research-driven techniques, Aisling will teach your

students how to enhance focus, manage stress and improve communication for a happier, healthier classroom environment.

Aisling takes traditional meditation techniques and puts them into regular language students will be able to apply to their day to day life. Classroom meditation gives your students a chance to step away from their stresses and focus inward, boosting energy, creativity and productivity.

You don’t need a big space or any equipment, and you will

immediately feel a difference.

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Temple Carrig School

Our students had the privilege of attending workshops ran by Aisling. Aisling is extremely aware of the mind-body connection and keen to spread her knowledge about it. Our students really benefited from Aisling’s workshops and they have become aware of the importance of mindfulness. Aisling is one of the most unique, genuine and loving instructors. From her experience, Aisling has the ability to alter and change the class according to each student’s individual needs. We are looking forward to our next workshops with Aisling.